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California Non Stop Towing provides reliable impounding services to property owners and law enforcement agencies throughout Sonoma County. If you need a vehicle removed from your property, or your vehicle was removed from the place you last parked it, take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

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All private property services are free to the property owner. The costs of the service are paid by the vehicle owners and drivers who are at fault.

No, we provide and install California compliant signs at each entrance at no charge. We can also provide and install other custom signs for a low price.

City and County ordinances require an authorized person to be on site. This person is required to sign for each vehicle or vessel removed, so we require a contract with the authorized people listed.

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we ask for a 30-day written cancellation notice and will remove our signs as soon as possible after the receipt of that notice.

In order to get your vehicle released from impound, you’ll need to provide all three of the items below.

1. Proof of Ownership. This includes one of the following:

  • Original Title in your name
  • Original Title signed over on the back properly with your name printed on the back and notarized bill of sale
  • Current vehicle registration (VALID)
  • Bill of Sale from an individual, notarized & dated less than 30 days ago

2. Proper ID. We will accept the following for ID:

  • Driver’s License, (VALID)
  • State issued ID, (VALID)
  • Military Identification Card issued by U.S. Government
  • Passport issued by U.S. Government (VALID)

3. Towing and Storage charges

A: The following form(s) need to be accompanied with Proof of ownership and Proper ID:

  • Authorization for Release
  • Hold Harmless Agreement

Please visit our Forms page to download the necessary release forms.

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Private Property | California Non Stop Towing

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Jean Horrell
October 6, 2022

Very professional and timely!

Trevor Vannetti
October 4, 2022
Mike Fallon
October 4, 2022

Fantastic people great job way better than any tow company in this country

Kevin Cracraft
October 2, 2022

Great service! Thorough, quick, and friendly!

Kasey Markel
October 2, 2022

Quick tow, friendly driver. Can't recommend needing a tow, but if you need one Non Stop does a great job.

Terry Rankin
October 1, 2022

They took over when AAA backed out And did an excellent job

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Private Property | California Non Stop Towing
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